• Store graffiti | Faith´71

    The eyes of Yoko Ono above the shop are created by Faith´71.

    Meanwhile, Donovan Saini [formerly Faith´71], a very demanded artist.

    View his work.

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  • Graffiti MTN 94

    MTN 94 is the spray paint from MTN (Montana Colors).

    The MTN94 spray can is filled with matte paint, and is high pigmented which results in a extreme covering colors. The MTN 94 is a great aerosol tool for both making the finest details in your graffiti work and also the filling big surfaces in a blink of an eye.

    MTN94 covers over chrome, doesn't fade away in concrete or bricks and has an excellent performance both indoor and outdoor. Of course you can use the MTN 94 with all other MTN and big spraypaint brands.

  • MTN Hardcore

    The Hardcore 2 is a high pressure, high gloss paint in a 400ml can.
    The paint formula has been updated to modern standards resulting in: faster drying time and better covering colors, even over chrome!

    The V-Touch valve makes the Hardcore 2 suitable for use with the MTN94 caps! It also provides cleaner lines and a better controlled output.
    Comes with a free new MTN Hardcore 2 Cap

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